Sketch of the dying Keats by Joseph Severn, January 1821. Image and other details from Hanson, Marilee. “The Final Months: John Keats on his deathbed”, February 22, 2015
Cancel culture’s victims in the South, from
Dr. Paul Crutzen, receiving the 1995 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work on stratospheric ozone loss (AP)

The Who and the Why

The official Supreme Court portrait of Justice Hugo Black.

The Complicated Hugo Black

The late Nick Cordero, Tony-nominated 41-year-old actor who died of COVID-19 on July 5, 2020 after 95 days in a Los Angeles hospital. He lost function in both lungs and had to have a leg amputated before finally succumbing, after multiple cycles of extreme illness and small recoveries. It took three tests initially to confirm that it was coronavirus, and not pneumonia, that Cordero had contracted. At left are his widow Amanda Kloots and their now-one-year-old son Elvis Eduardo. No, Nick Cordero didn’t have any pre-existing medical conditions, but thanks so much for asking. Photo from etonline

This is what we are bringing down upon our nation by gaslighting a pandemic.

Perfect, Then and Now

You can almost stop reading now. Perfect ACT scores were 10 times more common… an order of magnitude more common!… in 2018 than in 2001. This is after adjusting for the rising number of people taking the ACT. Data from ACT, analysis and snazzy Excel graph by the author.

Jack Weinberg was a 24-year-old (b. 1940) graduate student teaching assistant at UC-Berkeley when he coined this phrase. Jerry Rubin (b. 1938) championed the phrase.

The quote that launched a generation of critical scholarship on Keats, it seems.

John Knox

A geography professor and meteorologist at UGA in Athens, GA. I write about news, sports, weather, climate, education, journalism, religion, poetry, the South.

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